Programme Updates

Danemead Scout Campsite offers lots of opportunities for the younger members to complete some of their badge work, as part of the weekend camp or maybe just a day visit. Check out the latest updates to The Scout Association programme.

The following updates have been made to the programme, as part of the rolling review process. This is in response to feedback from members and to ensure that the programme remains up-to-date and relevant.

New badges

These four new badges have been developed and launched:

Beaver Book Reader Activity Badge
Beaver Builder Activity Badge
Cub Gardener Activity Badge
Snowsports Staged Activity Badge

These are available to order from our online badge shop, but will not be available for delivery until April when we receive them from the supplier.

Updated badge requirements

The requirements of the following badges have been updated. There is a transition period of 12 months, until 31 January 2019, to move to the new requirements, but you can use them as soon as it is practical for your programme.

Both the previous and the new badge requirements will be available on the website pages during the transition period, and resources, including badge books will be updated when they are reprinted. Update sheets are available to slot into your badge books in the meantime.

The full list of badges with updated requirements can be found here.

Discontinued badges

The snowsports badges have been reviewed and a Staged Snowsports Activity Badge for all sections has been developed and launched. The following activity badges will be discontinued and will no longer be available from 31 January 2019:


Snowsports Activity Badge


Skiing Activity Badge
Snowboarding Activity Badge