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The quickest way to contact us is using the form below, but you can also use Messenger and Twitter. 

If your enquiry is about site availability or you want to make a booking you can do this online on our booking page here.

As we are a site run entirely by volunteers initially your question will be answered by the booking team, but on occasions may need to be referred to another member of the team. To answer queries as soon as possible tickets are shared out with the bookings team, unfortunately as this team are volunteers we do not have a direct telephone number.

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I have been the Site Manager for Danemead Scout Campsite now for just over 3 years. In those three years I really have become good at herding cats with the occasional one managing to escape my grasp!

From all the team at Danemead. Below is our end of year video!

Please take 5 minutes out your day to see what we’ve been up to and let us know if you’ve had a great time with us this year!

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A month in the life of a Site Manager : A Reunion Impact !

A month in the life of a Site Manager : Emails and Elephants !