Another Three Years

The four owning District Commissioners have unanimously agreed to extend the appointment of the Danemead Scout Campsite Manager for another three years.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

It’s that time again, when it’s time to take stock of what we have achieved and look to the future of the campsite at the Annual General Meeting.

Another weekend brings Big Improvements

Whilst the United Kingdom was basking in higher than average temperatures and enjoying the ice cream a team of dedicated people were working hard at Danemead Campsite.

What’s the Future of Danemead ?

As work is underway on one of the many projects on the campsite the Site Manager takes time out to explain what the future holds for the site.

Woodland Programme Ideas

With acres of triple SSI woodland to explorer this activity is perfect to complete at Danemead Campsite.

Refurbished Kitchen in Accomodation

So those of you who have been visiting the site over the years would have probably heard that Uncle Toms was going to get a new kitchen. It’s been going on for so long I think everyone had given up with the idea.

Look out for our new Uniform

From the start of June all crew members, wardens or those who have helped out for a set amount of weekends have been given new uniform. No more wondering “was that actually the camp warden?”