Site Manager’s Blog : Hornbeam Lodge Development

Welcome to the blog from the Site Manager on the development of Uncle Tom's Cabin, now called Hornbeam Lodge. To view more images and video please visit our new addition, Danemead in Pictures.

5th December 2020

"Sorry not been any updates on the news Hornbeam lodge. It’s a bit boring atm as we are at the snagging stage! Once I’m happy with the final result. The lottery then send in their experts who will most likely produce their own snagging list. Once this is complete and signed off. I can then take back control of the hut. Get the beds built. Dress the hut and have the place cleaned! Then as soon as that’s done I’ll get the photos up for you all to see.

Still working away. I promise! Just we’ve reached the slow stage now!"

1st November 2020"

“Hornbeam lodge coming along beautifully! Builder is hoping to hand back over end of this week. Floor and carpets go down Monday and Tuesday and then it’s snagging time. Let us know what you think. Some of the crew and Bushscout team battled through the rain to start getting the roof onto the round house. Really starting to come together ”

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