Whats New

This page lists all the developments on the web site in date order. If you have any feedback or ideas please contact us through the Help Centre.

Date AddedWhats been addedFurther Information
23rd July 2021Realignment of responsive items including in help centre.Help Centre
23rd July 2021Refreshed navigation at the top of the site and retirement of expired elements
21st June 2021COVID risk assessment updatedVisit the Page
31st March 2020Past events and Timeline pages added to record history of the siteVisit the Page
31st March 2020Booking system enhanced to offer easier booking experience to usersVisit the Page
13th March 2021Updated the site with the price changesVisit the Page
28th March 2021Updated campers page with booking detailsVisit the Page
28th March 2021Updated accommodation with details of refurbished centreVisit the Page
28th March 2021Updated links to scouts.org.uk to reflect their updated siteVisit the Page