Survival Weekend 2019 : FAQ

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Survival Weekend Button - FAQWhat are the event dates ?
4th - 6th October 2019 at Danemead Scout Campsite
1st March 2019
Survival Weekend Button - FAQCan I bring members other than Scouts e.g. Cub Scouts ?
As this event is specifically designed with the Scout section in mind we are afraid that on this occasion we
cannot accept any other section. This is the first event and it maybe that we run future weekends for the
different sections.
1st March 2019
Survival Weekend Button - FAQHow many adults can I bring ?
Whilst, in the interests of fairness, there is a restriction of 10 Scouts per group there are no restrictions on adults.
1st March 2019
Survival Weekend Button - FAQIs Saturday's breakfast and lunch down to the individual groups?
Scouts will be preparing their own food other than on Saturday morning and Saturday lunch. This is so there is more
time for them to learn new skills and not spend hours preparing their own meals.
Provided by and prepared by course : Friday Night/Saturday Evening/Sunday Breakfast
Provided by and prepared by groups : Saturday Breakfast/Saturday Lunch
1st March 2019
Survival Weekend Button - FAQWhy can I not book on ?
We are sorry but due to popularity all 100 places are now booked, if any more become free we will let you know here.
13th March 2019
Survival Weekend Button - FAQAdditional spaces
5 places have become available, first come first served ! Please book on our Make a Booking page
7th May 2019
Survival Weekend Button - FAQWhen will group contacts get the information ?
Information has just been send via email to the nominated group contacts for this event.
4th September 2019
Survival Weekend Button - FAQDo leaders have to provide their own food ?
Yes, food is only provided for the participant Scouts.
12th September 2019