Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that’s not answered here please contact us through the Help Centre.

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Mud Run Button - FAQWhen and where does the event take place ?
29th March 2020 at Danemead Scout Campsite, Cock Lane, Broxbourne Common, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, EN11 8GG
24th September 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQWho can take part ?
The event is open to Beaver Scouts, Rainbows, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Scouts, Guides Explorer Scouts and Seniors
24th September 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQHow much does it cost ?
The event costs £15 to enter which includes the race and an exclusive Mud Run T Shirt.
24th September 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQIs there a limit on numbers ?
We have capped the overall event at 400 but there is no limit to numbers that an individual group can enter
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQCan I camp over the weekend ?
Yes, camping is available to everyone, sorry no indoor accommodation. Please book your camping through the booking
system at the same time as booking your group into the mud run. There is no need to book it separately. For this event
camping has been reduced to less than £5 for the weekend (£2.40 per night), with adults going free. There will be a disco on Saturday night.
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQCan adults take part ?
We regret that adults cannot take part, however they can buy a T shirt. Please book your T shirt at the time of booking.
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQCan I come on my own ?
We are afraid that we cannot accept individual bookings, all bookings must be attached to a section/group.
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQI have some Cub Scouts that are wanting to take part in more than one lap, can they do more ?
Whilst we are running it as a competition, we also recognise that each young person has different abilities. So whilst
Cubs will take part in the smaller race with the Beaver Scouts if they would then like to take part in the longer
race they are more than welcome.
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQWhat happens after the Beaver Scout/Cub Scout race ?
Whilst the scores are being added up, and the main race is run there will be small additional activities going on for
the young people to take part in.
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQWhat if its raining ?
The event will carry on, only if it is deemed unsafe will the event be cancelled. In the unlikely event
that the event is cancelled you will be contacted using the details given at time of booking.
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQI have booked my group in but now want to add camping, how do I do it ?
Visit the site booking page, choosing Events and Book Now on Mud Run. Make a zero booking for the Mud Run event,
click continue and select camping on the following booking page. Make your booking in the usual way.
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQWill pictures/video be taken ?
During the event we will be taking photos and video that will be used to promote future events and the campsite. If you have any people
who cannot be pictured this will be captured nearer the event and they will be given a coloured armband.
2nd October 2019
Mud Run Button - FAQHow do I register T Shirt sizes ?
All registered groups have been sent an email containing information on how to send in information about T shirt sizes, medical needs and photography. Please check with your section leader.
28th January 2020
Mud Run Button - FAQWhat are the closing dates for bookings ?
Bookings will close on the 29th February to allow for ordering and preparation of the event. After this date we cannot accept any further bookings.
13th February 2020
Mud Run Button - FAQWhen do I need to return participant information ?
Please return all participant information, by using the online form (link sent to group contacts), no later than 29th February 2020 to allow for ordering and preparation.
13th February 2020