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Over the last six years Danemead Campsite has been undergoing a massive transformation. The team have been bringing the campsite facilities up to modern day standards whilst being committed to protecting the charm of our beautiful unspoilt woodland. 

Over a decade ago the crews accommodation was burnt down in an arson attack. The culprits were never found. Since then they have lived in a container for 3 threes and more recently two static caravans which was donated from another scout campsite. We are the third owners of these caravans. 

In line with our modernisation project and to make the campsite accessible to as many people as possible. We would like to replace these caravans with a new education facility. This facility would be able to sleep 12, have a dedicated classroom and be an eco-friendly building. Generating enough electricity to run the campsite and store energy for evening times. 

When the crew is not using the building, we hope to allow children from less fortunate backgrounds access to the building as well as schools. Opening up our woodland for all. 

This can only be achieved from fundraising and generous donations from our supporters.