Digital Update

Whilst many of us are at home some updates have taken place on the Danemead website, and we need your help !

Following feedback from users the website has undergone some enhancements which we hope will make it even easier to use.


Feedback suggests that the discount scheme for bookings was causing some confusion as many people didn't use the discount code at the time of booking. So we have now split the three types of booking into three clear types, no discount needed as the system now works out the correct pricing. Additionally users will see that it doesn't charge you until you go past five adults. Again, feedback suggests that not everyone was claiming the five free adults so now simply enter the number of adults and the system works it out for you.

You can now check availability online, simply click on BOOK NOW and there is an availability tab, if its green it's available and you can complete the booking.

Whilst the site is not open we are accepting pending bookings for later in the year (when we hope everything will be back to normal). Simply make a booking and the date will be held for you, no payment needed and we will confirm your booking as and when we are able to open.

Our History

A new feature on the website, relive those past events and check out the timeline of our wonderful site. If you have any information that you are able to share about the history of the site please send it to us using the Help Centre. With your help this is a page we hope to build up over the coming months.


Check out the events tab at the top of the page, you will find information about all our current events so why not take a look and pop a note in your diaries !

We are in need of recent images of groups using the site, so if you have any images that we are able to use on the website or for publicity please send them to us using the form on the help centre and as always if you have any feedback it would be great to hear about it.

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