Whilst Danemead is sleeping

During these unusual times the campsite is quietly sleeping, meanwhile it gives  us the chance to see the site in an unique way !

During this extended period of quietness some of the crew decided to pop up to the site and give their own display to thank everyone helping us to get through these extraordinary times. As well as saluting the workers they also had a bit of fun around the site, and just look at the displays they came up with. Danemead thanks Trafalgar Lighting for their help with this.

Everyone in the Danemead family looks forward to the time where the woodland will be alive once more with the voices of young people enjoying the outdoors and everything the site has to offer.

Whilst the site is not open we are accepting provisional bookings for later on in the year, in the hope, that we will be open once again. You can make a provisional booking, without paying any deposit, and when the site is open we will confirm these with you. Visit our online booking page, that has also had a few changes to make it even easier, and make a booking today !

To view the images visit our new addition, Danemead in Pictures.

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