Be Part of the Team

Danemead is solely run by volunteers. Everyone involved in the campsite gives their time because they fell in love with the magic the site has to offer.

This means that things have to be planned well in advanced to make sure we have the right amount of crew on site to get the jobs completed.

Since 2016 a combination of a new management committee and a new Site Manager the campsite has started to grow and evolve.  A lot of the crews time is now taken up in improving our buildings, making sure all our campers have the best stay possible and maintaining our ancient woodland.

So how can you help…

As we become more successful, more of the crews time is now taken up with, as it should be, with our main aim, customer satisfaction. This means that some of the smaller jobs get put on the back burner. Things like holly clearing, making sure our ditches are clear of obstructions, re-varnishing our totem pole or even weeding around Uncle Toms Cabin.

All small insignificant jobs but together they can make a campsite seem unkept.

Are you looking to get your young people volunteering? Want to make it a weekend camp? Maybe even complete your Activity Centre Service Activity Badge?  Help us to help you! All groups who volunteer to come and help us will receive free camping for that weekend.

A programme will be written up by the campsite to make sure your young people get the best possible experience whilst helping maintain the campsite. They will undertake some day to day jobs the crew have to complete to make sure all campers are enjoying their stay. This may include cleaning the toilets or serving in our tuck shop. If your interested, please contact our Ask Us team.

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