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Campers in a Danemead Glade
Campers in a Danemead Glade

I am pleased to say that the new website has gone live with pretty much no problems (unless you know otherwise!).
[Actually: Point from Elaine later on 21st July: some of the pages the Google search finds give ‘Page Not Found’ but I’m working on getting Google to reindex the site. However, since you are reading this, you must have got round that!! …..]

At the moment ‘new’ is probably an exaggeration! I have deliberately made the functionality much like the old one.

My thanks go to Steve Squires, an old friend of Danemead, who developed the original site way back in 2007 (I think?) at a time when having a website was a bit of a scary venture and Steve very kindly took the whole job on and gave us a site that has certainly served us well. As I have been the booking secretary only since last year, I particularly appreciated the on-booking form; I can’t always be at home to take calls and it is so easy to mis-hear things over the phone! That on-line form has been a God-send :)

As with most websites, it is in the using of it that you realise various things that would be nice to have and the way it was hosted made it difficult to change things, so when we were notified that the hosting was due for renewal, it seemed a prime time to act!

I already have a few ideas for things to add to the website, but ……. what would you like to see?

Elaine Maul (booking secretary …… and also secretary to the Danemead Management Committee)

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