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Paths in the Woods North of Danemead

At Danemead, we pride ourselves on being a perhaps old fashioned, backwoods site where young people from the Scouting Organisation and other youth groups can enjoy outside activities.

At Danemead, not only can you enjoy backwoods camping but there is access to a fantastic woodland area surrounding our site where young people can learn traditional map reading skills as they hike in the area.

However, if you carefully examine the 1:25000 scale map of the area, a number of the tracks are not marked as rights of way but just as tracks. For many years, to my knowledge, people have stayed at Danemead and used the surrounding tracks and paths without any problems. However, in the last two weeks, this has changed! In actual fact, some of the woodlands are privately owned and the owners have started being very heavy handed in warning people off from using the tracks …… tracks that have been used by people for a very long time.

The local British Horse Society is trying to do something about this! They are organising a meeting on Friday 12th June 2015 at 7.30pm at Brickendon Parish Hall to discuss the issue and get evidence of how people have been using the tracks. The flyer giving full details is here.

What they want to do is to get evidence of when people have used these tracks so they can make a case to have the tracks designated as rights of way.

The tracks have been split into four different sections, so if you have walked any of them, please fill them in and send them to Alison at the British Horse Society (her email is on the flyer).

The four sections are:

  1. Through Broxbourne Woods.
  2. Through Highfield Woods.
  3. Through Bramble’s Woods and Cowheath Woods.
  4. Through Cowheath Woods and Broxbourne Woods to Pembridge Lane.

If you love walking and feel it is important that our young people can access the outside to learn traditional Scouting skills, please fill in these forms if you have used any of them at any time. Thank you.

The completed froms should be sent to the following address:

Alison Balfour-Lynn
British Horse Society Regional Access & Bridleways Officer, Eastern Region
Dog Kennel Farm
Lilley Bottom
Lilley N. Herts