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Danemead AGM 27th July 2014

Although the invitation to the Danemead AGM was sent out to the four owning Districts back in June, the new website gives me the opportunity to put all the documents associated with it here for the first time.

The AGM will be held up at Danemead this coming Sunday 27th July at 2pm and a warm welcome is extended to anyone with an interest in Danemead.

Feel free to look at and print any of the documents associated with the meeting as follows:

Invitation Letter for the AGM.
AGM Agenda.
Minutes of the AGM held on 1st October 2013.
Annual Report for 2013 -2014.
Annual Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2014.

The AGM is usually quite brief and I’m sure there will be a cup of tea or coffee and some biscuits …… who wants a meeting without biscuits :) It gives you the chance to find out what has been going on at Danemead and what is planned for the future. Hopefully, if the weather is nice, you can have a wander round and enjoy the site (and we won’t charge you a day visitor fee, I promise!!) :)

Elaine Maul
Secretary to the Danemead Management Committee (and booking secretary)

Website Teething Problems!

I have developed the new website using WordPress, software commonly associated with blogs, but it can be used reasonably easily to create websites.

However, I initially forgot to allow anyone to post comments on any blog posts; you can now!

Also, I am using a ‘theme’ in WordPress called 2013 (just ignore that if it’s too much information :) ) and I’d like to put the Danemead badge in the header area but what should be an easy task is proving to be anything but! The Danemead badge will be in the header area eventually …… but not right away.

Finally, the Google search data will not be quite right for a while. I have started the process of getting Goggle to recognise the new pages on the website but it may take a little while to happen.


New Website Live

Campers in a Danemead Glade
Campers in a Danemead Glade

I am pleased to say that the new website has gone live with pretty much no problems (unless you know otherwise!).
[Actually: Point from Elaine later on 21st July: some of the pages the Google search finds give ‘Page Not Found’ but I’m working on getting Google to reindex the site. However, since you are reading this, you must have got round that!! …..]

At the moment ‘new’ is probably an exaggeration! I have deliberately made the functionality much like the old one.

My thanks go to Steve Squires, an old friend of Danemead, who developed the original site way back in 2007 (I think?) at a time when having a website was a bit of a scary venture and Steve very kindly took the whole job on and gave us a site that has certainly served us well. As I have been the booking secretary only since last year, I particularly appreciated the on-booking form; I can’t always be at home to take calls and it is so easy to mis-hear things over the phone! That on-line form has been a God-send :)

As with most websites, it is in the using of it that you realise various things that would be nice to have and the way it was hosted made it difficult to change things, so when we were notified that the hosting was due for renewal, it seemed a prime time to act!

I already have a few ideas for things to add to the website, but ……. what would you like to see?

Elaine Maul (booking secretary …… and also secretary to the Danemead Management Committee)

32nd Chingford Cub Pack Pirate Camp

The Cub Scout Leader, Ian Langbridge, has very kindly given me permission to share some of his wonderful photos from the recent Pirate Cub Camp held at Danemead in June. To quote Ian “Ship building, boson’s chair, swords, water fights, sea battles, cannon runs, guns, costumes, walking the plank and much more all contributed to a highly memorable weekend”. They certainly made full use of what Danemead has to offer.
Ian took over 280 photos and these are just a small selection.